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2022 Kickstarter is Complete! 

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2021 Funded on Kickstarter!

The Quest Calendar is a single-player role playing game that takes place on a page-a-day style calendar. Play it a couple minutes each day over the year and get your daily fix of dice-rolling fantasy fun. The calendar features a story driven adventure that will be told day by day, with plenty of quests, loot items, characters, and combat. As the story unfolds, how will your decisions over the year shape your character?

When will 2022 be available?

The 2022 Calendar is in development now. We expect to begin shipping late October/early November. Check out our project updates here on Kickstarter.

When will 2021 be available?

We are sold out of the 2021 Quest Calendar. But you can still purchase a Print-n-Play version.

Visit to:

  • play a demo version

  • purchase a Print and Play version

Be sure to offer feedback on what could make this better next year. 

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