Fantasy Dates

I've never liked any existing systems for fantasy months. There are good ones, but every time a player asks, "What is the in-game date?" and I've told them, I always get a look of confusion before I reply, "A Saturday in late November."

With the Quest Calendar, I am adding a home brew date system that translates to the Gregorian calendar (the one we use).  As you play daily, you will get familiar with it and be able to use it easily in your own tabletop RPG.

I want to shop it around here to see what you think.

I know that not everyone will love it, and there will be 2 main problems that I can already foresee:

  • Based off of English language, they may not translate as well to other languages.

  • The names of the months are based off of the seasons as they occur in the northern hemisphere. They may not line up perfectly with our friends down south. I can't change the printing, but feel free when using them in your home game to offset them by 6 months or make any changes as you see fit.

Days of the Week

The goal here was to capture a name that closely resembles the equivalent day of the week. I want you to be able to know the day without having to think about it much.

Saturday = Starsday

Sunday = Sunsday

Monday = Moonsday

Tuesday = Truceday

Wednesday = Windsday

Thursday = Thornsday

Friday = Fruitsday

Months of the Year

The goal was to name the month with an equivalent sound that is easy to remember. So I chose to have it be close in proximity to the season. I feel that seeing it for the full month while playing the Quest Calendar will help to familiarize you with the name and be able to use it easily. (The calendar will start in January, but I grouped the seasons together below.)


December = Frostember

January = Winterwary

February = Deadprairie


March = Moonsarch

April = Rainpearl

May = Floraway


June = Sunsoon

July = Sunshigh

August = Heatgust


September = Barelumber

October = Harvestover

November = Chillsember

Feel free to voice any comments or suggestions you may have.

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