Lesson Learned from Kickstarter

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

As it turns out, we got funded in the last day. I think the lesson learned (below) is still valid but the info about having to come back doesn't apply.

Still learning those lessons. More to come.

We recently launched our first Kickstarter project for our Quest Calendar. You can view that project here. At the time of writing this, it is likely the Quest Calendar is not getting funded. But, I am content with that. We have gotten a ton of positive response from backers who wish to see us back. And we will be.

But what went wrong? Well that is a short story...

Sundial Games LLC is a young start up founded by myself, Thomas Bedran. I have worked as a Software Test Engineer in the IT industry since 2003. I have always loved games and board games and decided it was finally time to create something. I will post later about some of the other ideas I will be working on.

I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and came across this idea for a choose your own adventure style game built into a calendar. But the timing of this idea came up around Christmas of 2019. This is an important part of the problem. It was too late for 2020, but to get this published for the 2021 year, I had to act fast.

There was a lot to be done. To get funded in time I had to launch in March. Which is what I was able to do! I got the company stuff together, got an artist, made a prototype, made a video, wrote the campaign, and clicked that "Launch" button. That was a rush and it was quite scary.

I was able to get some advice and free lessons about crowdfunding with Kickstarter. However, the the most important piece of advice for success couldn't be followed. At least not until it was too late for me to realize how important is was.

That advice is basically, "Spend some before your campaign building an email list of people that will buy your product on launch day." Some advise a specific # of months getting a specific # of emails. However, timing was not on my side. IT would have pushed the launch out too late to fund the Calendar for 2021.

But we will begin this now so that when we relaunch, we can hope to guarantee a successful product. We will still target 2021 but we can not guarantee it.

So help us spread the word. We will post more so you can watch the Quest Calendar get developed. Stay in touch.

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