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Post Campaign Update and Schedule

It has been two weeks since the campaign finished. We took a break to celebrate but got straight to work. There is no time to lose in order to get the 2021 Quest Calendar out there for you.

We put together a tight schedule, and since we want to be transparent as much as possible, we have some dates to share with you if you want to follow along.

This schedule leaves out some detail but we think it gives you a good idea of what is going over here at Sundial Games.


We began with planning the rest of the campaign and getting into the detail of some encounters and mapping out each day. We are about 65% done and are finishing that up in May.

We also brought on four more artists for a total of five working at this time. We got about 16% done with the art thus far and will be completing about 10% each week until July. We highly suspect we will be adding more at the end of May.

Contact us if you are an artist and would like to work on the Quest Calendar.


We are still negotiating shipping deals for our international backers and it is looking promising for them. However, it doesn't look like shipping will get better for our US backers though. We expect to have this finished within the next week so we can get the pre-order store open before the end of May.


The biggest update planned is to release a playable prologue at the beginning of June where you will be able to play the first 2 weeks of January.

As we continue to work through June, look for updates on how we will handle character death and the fantasy dates.

Up Next...

The next update will be about naming our Paladin.

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