Still Ticking! (Previously: We'll be Back!)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I guess we spoke too soon.

We got funded on Kickstarter on the last day. We have since asked for an extension (due to Covid) and are still taking pledges!

More to come!

After seeing the excitement grow over the last month, I know that we have found a product that others are excited to play as much as we enjoy creating. I want to reassure you that we will move forward with development and relaunch the Quest Calendar at a later date.

But what will we do different next time to ensure success.

  • We will start a Development blog so you can get inside information on the creation of the Quest Calendar as it happens. See more detail on the characters, the plot, and key pieces of artwork as we release them.

  • Get insight from the community on key aspects that matter to you most. We have already gotten valuable feedback on the characters and shipping information. Keep it coming by taking a moment to fill out this survey.

  • Revisit our shipping rates. With more time, we hope to find cheaper shipping via a third party logistics company that can please our backers.

  • Invest more into our marketing campaign. Due to the strict deadline of a calendar project and our inexperience in crowdfunding, we were pressed to get the campaign launched and failed to get our project in front of others out there. Next time, we will have ample press releases and advertising.

  • Provide a sample print and play to test out. We want you to get an idea of the play mechanics and feeling of playing a part of a campaign a day. So next time, we will provide you with a short Print and Play to test it out. It will be a prologue to the upcoming story. And you will get it first if you are a part of our newsletter and Dev blog.

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