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The Team

Local to Colorado Springs, Sundial Games created the first ever RPG built into a page-a-day desktop calendar so you can experience a solo adventure without a DM in just minutes a day.

Quest Calendars feature a story-driven campaign that will be told day by day with plenty of quests, loot items, characters, and combat. As the story unfolds, how will your decisions over the year shape your character?

Play a couple minutes each day over the year and get your daily fix of dice-rolling fantasy fun.

Meet Us


Thomas Bedran

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Thomas has always loved games. He coded his first video game in a TI-83+ calculator in high school. He has a card and board game collection that has inspired him to give back and create his first game via Sundial Games.


Jay French

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Jay is a trusted artist that has produced some amazing work for Sundial Games. Check out his other work at


Ellen May

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Ellen has been a key artist in the creation of the Quest Calendar. Her style and speed has been integral to completing the projects on time with a fantastic quality.

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