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Contributor's Guild

Dive into the heart of storytelling with Sundial Games, where your words wield the power to shape worlds and awaken adventures. Are you ready to bring your unique voice to our expanding universe of games?

Embark on a Creative Quest with Us!

Join the Adventure of Creation!

We're seeking imaginative minds eager to contribute their tales to projects like Quest Calendar and beyond. We're opening the doors to our community, inviting you to submit your writings for inclusion in our future adventures.


This isn't just a chance to see your work published—it's a pathway to potentially joining our creative team. Let your journey begin here, where every sentence you craft has the potential to spark magic and mystery in the games played around the world! 

Shape Worlds and Forge Legends!

Are you ready to delve into realms of endless possibilities and craft stories that captivate and thrill?

We believe every hero has a story worth telling. Whether you’re sketching out dungeon maps in your spare time or weaving epic narratives that span continents, your creativity is what we seek. Collaborate with fellow writers and participate in exhilarating brainstorming sessions to co-create the fantastical worlds that will captivate gamers everywhere! Help us shape the universe of Sundial Games and enrich the gaming experience for adventurers around the globe!

How to Get Involved

Step into Our Guild: How to Contribute

1. Join Our Discord Server

Connect with fellow players, writers,  and our development team by joining the Sundial Games Discord server.

4. Receive Your Contributor Role

Once you submit your information, you’ll be assigned a "Contributor" role, unlocking access to exclusive guild channels.

We do this manually, so it can take some time. Please be patient.

2. Agree to Our Terms

Familiarize yourself with and agree to the terms listed below.

They will also be posted in our guild channels on Discord.

5. Explore and Engage

The Contributor's Guild channels will be a source for further help, providing insight with writing guides, Q&A forums, and submission terms.

Check out the guild channels, review submissions in the bulletin, and peer review other works.

3. Provide Your Information

Fill out the form below to give us your real name and other important details to become part of our contributor community.

6. Create and Collaborate

Post your writings, chat with other creators, and contribute to the Sundial Games legacy!

Discord     _edited.png

Terms of Submission

Agree to the terms and fill out the form to start contributing!

  • No Cost for Submission: There are no fees to submit your writing to Sundial Games.

  • Ownership of Content: Upon submission, all content becomes the exclusive property of Sundial Games LLC. Please do not submit any content you may want to use or publish elsewhere in the future.

  • Confidentiality: You might come across some secret Sundial Games details, like upcoming game features or story ideas. We ask that you keep these secrets confidential, not sharing them with anyone outside of the guild. This helps us keep our surprises for the gaming community intact!

  • Credit Where Credit is Due: Contributors will receive writer’s credit in any publications where their work is featured.

  • Rewards for Contributions: All contributors whose work is submitted will be eligible for exclusive rewards such as t-shirts, signed prints, etc., determined closer to publication dates, and possibly even suggested and voted on by the guild. You will be required to provide a shipping address to receive these rewards.

  • Editing Process: While we aim to preserve the spirit of your original contribution, be aware that all submissions may be edited to better fit the needs of our projects, potentially altering tone, details, or style.

  • Originality of Content: By submitting your content, you affirm that it is your original work, not derived from any other source, including but not limited to other publications, friends, or generated by AI.

  • Be Nice and Constructive: We encourage a community of support and improvement. Please ensure that all criticism is constructive and expressed kindly. Our community thrives on encouragement and helpful feedback.

  • Handling Plagiarism Concerns Tactfully: If you suspect plagiarism, refrain from public accusations. Ideas can often be similar unintentionally. You may point out similar existing publications politely or discuss your concerns privately with an admin.

  • Official Submission Channel: All official submissions must be sent to Sundial Games. Please use the email address provided in the guild to send in your finalized content.

  • Dispute Resolution: We're big on resolving issues together as a community. If we can't find a solution that way, Sundial Games will make the final call. We promise to be fair and listen to all sides in any disagreement.

We are thrilled to see what worlds and adventures you bring to life. Welcome to the Sundial Games community—let's create something unforgettable together!

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