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2024 Heroes

Here you can find the playable heroes for the 2024 Quest Calendar: The Leaf Riders of Wrenwood, as well as downloadable character sheets to print out.

See the new rules for creating a custom hero.

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Tak Redwind

Squirrel Wind Chaser

Tak recently completed training at the Academy of Elemental Arts. Tak seeks to be helpful to the community as the newest recruit at The Burrows.

He can command air and wind, using them to move quickly, knock back and trip enemies, and even create an armor-like barrier to his body.

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color


Thatch Springwillow & Frill

Raccoon Thorn Weaver

Thatch is an apprentice Tree Keeper training to one day take over as the overseer and caretaker for the Tree of Seasons.

Thatch can command and manipulate plants, creating a thorny barrier for defense, summoning vines to ensnare foes, or nurturing a sick flower to bloom in the depths of winter.

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color


Quill Mudsong & Nova

Porcupine Spell Keeper

Quill studied arcane arts in the Crownspire castle. Quill's duties as Spell Keeper have kept her traveling the world to aid and support those needing her magical skill. 

With deep knowledge and understanding of mystical energies, she is always ready to unravel the secrets of ancient incantations and lend her arcane expertise.

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color


Cora Wildclaw & Jem

Mouse Blade Dancer

Cora Sagebloom is an heir to the throne. Her mother's strict oversight and the royal guard's constant watch continue to suppress her desire for adventure. 

Cora can summon ethereal blades that swirl around her, moving with her every motion. These blades can be controlled and directed to slice with finesse and precision. 

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color

tbedran31 copy.jpg

Merrik "Scowl" Lightfoot

Weasel Shadow Weaver

With unparalleled precision and a knack for gathering information, Merrik is an expert infiltrator and gatherer of secrets. He'll earn his place in the Thieves' Guild with the next mission.

Merrik manipulates shadows and can command the dark to conceal himself, create illusions, and infuse his crossbow bolts with dark energy. 

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color

tbedran28 copy.jpg

Sil Blackbolt

Skunk Light Chaser

Sil has worked her entire career training for the moment she could finally accept the oath of the Royal Guard. 

Sil harnesses the power of light to protect and heal. She can channel solar energy into her sword strikes and create dazzling light beams to smite enemies. 

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color


Custom Hero

Instructions & Blank Sheets  -  printer friendly | color

Instructions describing steps for creating and leveling up your own hero for the 2024 Quest Calendar: The Leaf Riders of Wrenwood. This character can be used in play beginning on February 12th.

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