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Inside of a Spaceship

Erzhril Taaks

HexiAn Engineer

An intelligent mechanic that knows how to build and repair just about anything. His skills are his strongest attribute but he can hold up in battle by relying on his knowledge of technology.

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color

Night Skies

2023 Heroes

Here you can find the playable heroes for the 2023 Quest Calendar: The Voidspark Chronicles, as well as downloadable character sheets to print out.

See the new rules for creating a custom hero.

character sheets_sm_white_bkg.jpg
Space Supernova

Jexiel Dubbok

HumAn Cyborg

A battle hardened warrior that has become one with technology. Drawing on her advanced machine implants, versatility gives her a tactical advantage both in and out of combat.

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color

Cosmic Sky

Zarylla T'ur

ErzAn mystic

Trained as an elite agent of the empire, she manifests her will into surges of power that can alter the fabric of reality and devastate foes on the battlefield.

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color

Planet and Moon

Jake Sorren

GAvonite Co-Pilot

Headstrong and skilled in the pilot seat of any ship, he is eager to show off his skills in the sky and in battle. Any captain would be confident with him in the cockpit.

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color


Dergal Voss

GobrAnt Smuggler

A clever criminal that can get into anything, and get himself out of nearly any situation. He isn't afraid to use less honorable tactics in battle or in dealing with others.

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color

Mechanic Lights

Zuli Nyassa

OrkANN mech Trooper

Unsatisfied with the status quo, she isn't afraid to use her engineering prowess and mech suit to tackle any situation with brute force. Giving up isn't an option.

Character Sheets: printer friendly | color


Custom Hero

Instructions & Blank Sheets  -  printer friendly | color

Instructions describing steps for creating and leveling up your own hero for the 2023 Quest Calendar: The Voidspark Chronicles. This character can be used in play beginning on January 18th, 2022.

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