2022 Heroes

Here you can find the playable heroes for the 2022 Quest Calendar: The Gates of Terralon, as well as downloadable character sheets to print out.

Don't forget to download/print the following:


Azmyra the Reckless

Half-Demon Swashbuckler

A expert swordswoman and highly skilled adventurer with an knack for avoiding danger, taking from others, and doing it all in style. 

Character Sheets: black&white | color

divine adventure_sm.png

Sir Gareth Stalworth

Human Cleric

A noble and mighty warrior with powers to restore and heal derived from his faith and virtue of his good deeds.

Character Sheets: black&white | color


Professor Tyrnnicus Wyvern

Draakon Elementalist

An intelligent and capable spellcaster mastering the ability to command the core elements into impressive  manifestations of power.

Character Sheets: black&white | color

ice world_sm.png

Tsavani Moonchaser

Feline Monk

A nimble and fearful fighter that can channel Chi energy to influence the course of battle with mastery over both mental and physical limits.

Character Sheets: black&white | color


Syntax 12B047-2

Machine Artificer

A unique creation with the capacity to transform mundane materials into devastating devices with powerful results.

Character Sheets: black&white | color


Mori'an Corvus

Avian Necromancer

An eccentric sorcerer with dominance over death and the limitless power that it can command over life.

Character Sheets: black&white | color


Lyric Stringwood

Human Bard

A cheerful entertainer with a wide range of skillsets. He is versatile in combat and in dealing with others.

Character Sheets: black&white | color


Thudak the Merciless

Half-Orc Barbarian

A master of combat tactics with an ability to take a punch. A brute with complete control over his rage. Foes don't like him when he is angry.

Character Sheets: black&white | color


Faris Leafwind

Half-Elf Druid

Friendly to critters, but not those who would trespass against nature. She devastates with her bow and masterful command over nature.

Character Sheets: black&white | color

demon world_sm.png

Wolfrik Grayhand

Human Paladin

A truly intimidating force driven by his oath and passion for justice. His skills with a sword are unparalleled, but Divine powers grant him power over his fate.

Character Sheets: black&white | color


Zilmora the Wise

Elf Sorceress

A master in wisdom and intelligence. Her years of study in the arcane grant her phenomenal power and control over the world.

Character Sheets: black&white | color


Astrid Swiftblade

Gnome Thief

Practically born with a dagger in hand. She is one with the shadows and knows how to make you hurt. 

Character Sheets: black&white | color